Club Assumption College Thonburi. Another club that has come from the root . “School , Assumption College Thonburi ” superpower shorts to sbobet thai fans in Thailand have known. Production leading to decorate football players of Thailand we have a wide and lasting .

Whether Teerasil , Gwynn Christmas fair Satcha Releases , Bussakorn cool , Kasit emperor might Vedic medicine, Wong , Mr.Kittisak Ho Shin , Seksit Sri Sai, allowed me to lighting Thailand , Sawasdee Lieutenant . Ya was tier of football nicknamed childhood sbobet become a major force of troops ” war elephant ” Team Thailand today …

2013 season , the ” Cottagers ” on behalf Assumption College Thonburi. Contributions that will stick in your head table with the statement that “broken in ” Narongvit warm moonlight club has been allocated from the generous support of more than 7-8 million baht sbobet on player experience highly praised Ananda Sen , . Abhisit Budd refined , dynamic gold , intention to spin , Seneca Yen pairs , Al Marsa voodoo and thanongsak Siri purple mixed with a bunch of children in institutions. Deemed fit , not less. But a stronger performance in the league . Assumption made ​​Assam a young energetic team. Only took 6 of the table Division 2 , Bangkok and the Central Zone on 26 matches , winning 10 , losing 8 always 8 with 38 points .

With the results of past Assumption College Thonburi to raise the club up to the forefront of the league table . The purpose of this club does not have the means to success in league only. The real mission is to build on the young players are stepping to the top sbobet good players like senior town of Thailand had been successful on this road already. As a source of change in the 2014 season .

“Broken in ” a new policy underlines the plant a good football star . Plus, with the hope to graduates of the Institute. School , Assumption College Thonburi in the past, returned to the team again. The club name like “Big Boss ” was intended to change the title of the mystique . ” Cottagers ” sbobet Assumption is more important to United, which was translated into Thailand . “Solidarity of the Assumption Assumption ” .

Plans for the 2014 season of the Assumption major United ” Big” reveals that players will focus on the use of the Assumption Thon. Thonburi as the main body to chase success in the football students . To play in a league career with this club. Builds on the pace . Before stepping into the ring to increase in the future . Between the ages of 16 , 17, 18 years on the team , at least 15 people and was assigned to the “Coach Tom” Surasak strongly sbobet regarding the selection of new players that may be an alumnus or a competitor that I moved . anyone to supplement the 15 cases , which will begin in January or early next year , a total of 30 cases to the season. Which is proportional to the “broken in ” look that will eliminate the need for the young players to play in a Total Institution .

The target Due to change nearly all new cotter team . Budget season will not be about 5 million baht as at least make it “bad ” for not for long , like seasons past , but to see the development of a baby trumps sbobet these freakishly good. I grabbed a big club to join the army in the future. This is more than the actual target

This is clearly highlighted . ” Cottagers ” under the new Assumption major United to become the club ‘s inaugural sbobet ” football factory class titled ” Up adorn the hands of Thailand ‘s soccer season 2014 …