Funders often ask summaries of the project report, along with longer project proposals, to help determine if the proposed projects adhere to the criteria for funding. Sometimes called synopsis, abstract or quick view, a summary of a project report is a brief document (one page when possible) that summarizes the elements of the proposal for a broad audience consisting of both readers and those not familiar with theme. Write the summary report of the project after the full proposal because the plans for the project may change during the process of drafting the proposal.



Provides project title and the names and relevant credentials of those who work on the project if it is funded.

Provides the most important goals and objectives. This can be done in a paragraph or a list. Either way, be brief.

Describe all elements of the project proposal, including the importance of the project, its purpose and the process involved in its realization.

Explain the intellectual merit of the proposed project. In just a few sentences, discuss how the project is organized, the skills of those involved in the project (and its access to necessary sources) and the importance of the project to an advanced knowledge in a particular field.

Explain the broader potential impact of the proposed project. Consider including information about how, for example, the project results will be shared with others in the field to promote a greater understanding or how the project itself promotes education, training or other learning opportunities. You can discuss how the company will benefit from the project, either through its process or its results.

Define each abbreviation, symbol or acronym used in the summary report of the project because readers may not be familiar with the topic or field.

Read carefully for grammatical errors before sending or printing the report.


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